Hearing Evaluations and Testing

Potomac River

If you’re concerned about hearing loss, we offer comprehensive hearing evaluations and testing. Through this multi-step process, we aim to fully understand your needs and provide complete diagnostic services so that we can uncover the extent of your hearing impairment. This evaluation will take approximately 30-60 min to complete. Please note extra time is allotted to review test results and consult on treatment options if applicable. We recommend that you bring a family member or loved one with you to your first appointment. In addition to being there to help you work through the decision, we find that loved ones and family members are usually the first to detect a possible hearing loss and hearing their perspective is important. It is also beneficial to have someone with you to ask questions and remember all of the information you will gather during your appointment.


The diagnostic hearing evaluation is covered by most health insurance policies, although many require a referral from your primary care physician to obtain coverage. The results from your hearing test will provide us with an outline of what sounds you may be missing and serves as a foundation for creating a customized hearing solution or lets us know if further medical treatment is necessary.

If you are concerned with your hearing ability, please fill out our hearing handicap inventory and bring it to your scheduled appointment. Contact us to schedule a hearing evaluation today!

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