Cochlear Implants

Dr. Gina Diaz is an expert in this field and is credentialed in providing these solutions with the use of Cochlear Americas products. Freedom Hearing Center has a proud partnership with the Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC). This collaboration has been established so that our patients have access to a highly skilled surgeon who specializes in cochlear implantation.

How a Cochlear Implant Works

Cochlear implants work differently than hearing aids. Hearing aids help many people by making the sounds they hear louder. Unfortunately, as hearing loss progresses, sounds need to not only be made louder, they need to be made clearer. Cochlear implants can help give you that clarity, especially in noisy environments.

Cochlear implants are an established and effective treatment option for moderate to profound hearing loss when hearing aids are not providing enough benefit. It is important to be evaluated by a hearing professional that specializes in hearing implants to see if a cochlear implant may be a solution for you.

How the BAHA System Works

Every hearing loss story is different, and the causes vary widely from person to person. For example, your hearing loss may affect one ear or two; and it may stem from a problem in the inner, middle or outer ear, or from a combination of places.

However, there is one thing that remains constant for anyone who may qualify for the BAHA System. Your hearing loss must fall into one of three categories—single-sided deafness, conductive hearing loss, or mixed hearing loss. There are two ways we hear sound: through air conduction and through bone conduction. They both work together to help us listen to and perceive sound.

However, when we hear ourselves speak, it is actually the lower frequency caused by vibrations in the bone that help us to perceive our ‘normal’ tone of voice. The BAHA System works on the exact same principle, only on a much more sophisticated scale. While a hearing aid tries to push sound through the damaged part of the ear, the BAHA System uses your natural ability to conduct sound to bypass the outer and middle ear, and sends clearer, more crisp sound directly to your inner ear. With the BAHA System, you have the unique advantage of trying it first before you make any decisions.


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