Patient Reviews

George G. - November 2023

On 10/16/23 I had to take my Rt. Ear hearing aid on for service. The two pieces were coming apart and I was afraid I would lose one or the other. Also, I needed a new hose for the hearing piece. The service Manager supported me on both items and I was on my way. They do a great job there and I can't say enough positive things about them. They are always pleasant and very helpful.

Laura A. - September 2023

Dr. Rebecca is simply amazing! She takes her time to explain everything. She is not just professional but so very kind and caring. Her staff (Amy) is also so kind. One of THE best medical office experiences ever. We are blessed to have them in CC!!

Patricia G. - February 2023

I was very impressed with Rebecca Jahed, Au.D.,FAAA. She took her time with me, and answered all my many, many questions. She went over the many different hearing aids that were available. She even put an app on my phone to help me. The many times I had to come back for more help, she always greeted me with a smile. Amy was also very helpful and again, greeted me with smiles. I would highly recommend Rebecca Jahed. She has an abundance of patience and goes over everything. Rebecca and Amy take pride in their work. You will not be disappointed.

Charles W. - October 2022

This place is Awesome I appreciate all the help I have received from the staff; they went above and beyond helping me and explaining things. They even saved me money on my new hearing aids. They also contacted my prior hearing center regarding the new hearing aids I got from them, only to find out the hearing aids that I just purchased are no longer being made available. If you are in doubt of going to or getting a hearing aid, please contact and try this place, I can tell you, that you will not go to any other hearing center.

Elaine M. - April 2022

I am currently on my fourth pair of hearing aids. These were provided by Dr. Behringer and are the best for sound, clarity and ease of use and maintenance. Dr. Behringer is very professional and provides complete information on the features of these hearing aids in a manner that is easy to understand. I highly recommend Dr. Behringer.

Jessica D. - April 2022

I wish I could give 10 stars--I could not have been happier with our experience for our newborn's hearing test! Sandra and Dr. Guy were personable, prompt, and very easy to work with, from scheduling to leaving. We were always treated with respect and compassion, and they both were wonderful with our daughter. Our visit went great, and they were so accommodating and supportive. Highly recommend this office for being family friendly and highly skilled. Should we ever need care for us or our daughter, this will be our first choice. Absolutely fantastic, top notch care!

Donald M. - March 2022

Dr. Diaz is compassionate and professional. She is knowledgeable and treats her patients with the utmost care and importance. I feel quite fortunate to have discovered her.

Tristan B. - March 2022

They helped me with everything I needed. Great environment and really nice staff. Mrs. Rebecca was very helpful and very nice. She pointed me in the right direction and helped me understand how the hearing aids work and she was just awesome. Loved the environment they have created there and it was just a very welcoming place. Would definitely recommend to everyone

Fred W. - January 2022

Rebecca and Amy are true professionals. For the past three years, they have gone above and beyond to meet my hearing device needs and I could not be more pleased with their services.

Jesus T. - December 2021

Dr. Guy and Sandra are a great team. My wife and I are so happy for their professionalism, dedication and support with the scheduling, testing, selection of appropriate hearing aids, financing and follow-up support. We would recommend them blindfolded to anyone that would ask us for a referral.

Greg P. - December 2021

Dr. Diaz and the staff at the Leonardtown office are exceptional. Dr. Diaz is very knowledgeable and discussed changes in my current health that could impact my balance and potentially, my hearing. The hearing test she performed was the most thorough and professional I ever had. Highly recommended!

Stewart B. - April 2021

Some of the nicest people I have ever met. Very welcoming, knowledgeable, and passionate. Dr. Jahed has absolutely gone out of her way to help me out. I cannot say enough good things about this business.

Pam C. - April 2021

Dr. Guy has helped both myself and my mother with testing and hearing aid solutions for our hearing losses. She was professional, kind and caring as well as so patient and clear in communicating with my elderly mother who is doing so well with her hearing aids. I highly recommend this office.

Chris K. - March 2021

My experience with Dr. Jahed and staff has been excellent. They have gone above and beyond in ensuring I was fitted with a product that fits my active lifestyle. They are always cc vhhv pleasant and professional. I can really feel Dr. Jahed's concern for my health vs just hawking products to make a sale. I feel really taken care of. I highly recommend Freedom Hearing!

Lloyd M. - December 2020

I've spent thousands of $$$ on hearing aids and spent endless hours on adjustments with multiple hearing aid stores over the last 20 years. Finally (luckily) I found the best. I absolutely assure you that you cannot find a higher quality hearing service than Freedom Hearing Center led by Dr. Jahed and her staff, specifically Amy (office manager). Dr. Jahed is very well educated and super smart about hearing problems and solutions. On top of that she is caring, patient and driven to help you with an optimal solution for your hearing needs. I can't thank her enough for the care I've received from her. That care and support continues to this day. I recently took a trip and forgot my replacement "ear domes" that I really needed to replace. I called the office manager Amy and she sent replacements, no hassle, happy to do it and prompt. You won't get this quality of professional, friendly, happy to help service anywhere!

Craig W. - January 2020

Finally deciding to admit that my hearing loss was affecting my quality of life and going in to Freedom Hearing was life changing. Rebecca helped me to understand what was going on with my hearing. When my ReSound hearing aids came in, she thoroughly explained how they worked, which eliminated my anxiety about having them in the first place. We went through the phone app, and when I left I felt like I could hear again. Rebecca is caring, sincere, and highly professional. I recently visited the office because I was having difficulty changing the wax filters and domes (because of a hand tremor). Amy patiently walked me through the process which gave me the confidence that I could do this on my own. Deciding to choose Freedom Hearing is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Yolanda J.

I went to Freedom Hearing during the pandemic because I was having trouble hearing. The staff was super friendly and they were practicing safety precautions. I would recommend them to anyone needing excellent service.

Molly K.

Dr. Guy is a wonderful doctor! In addition to being medically competent and knowledgeable, she is friendly, caring, and patient. She also uses the latest technology in her office. Her office manager, Sondra, is very helpful and kind.

Heather M.

Dr. Guy and the office staff at Freedom Hearing Center were kind, patient, and knowledgeable. They went above and beyond to make sure that my daughter's hearing needs were taken care of. I would definitely recommend visiting this office for hearing care needs!

Meghan W.

Dr. Diaz is amazing! My now 11 year old has seen Dr. Diaz for a couple of years. She is very kind, explains things well, and is sensitive in the way she gives further recommendations. Her attention to detail and remembering things is an added bonus. We will continue to visit Dr. Diaz yearly!

Melissa T.

I have had a wonderful experience with Freedom Hearing. My son’s audiologist, Dr. Diaz, has been working with my son since he was 1 year old (he’s currently 5). She has always gone above and beyond to ensure his needs are met. Dr. Diaz is a true professional who puts patient care above all else. She even visited my son’s preschool to talk about hearing aids when he was feeling insecure about his use of a hearing aid. We are so thankful to have our son under the care of such an amazing doctor. I highly recommend Freedom Hearing, and Dr. Diaz, to anyone in need of an audiologist!

Bruce E.

Recently I received new hearing aids from Freedom Hearing Center. The initial testing was the most extensive I have received in the last four years since being diagnosed with a hearing loss. Dr. Rebecca Jahed was very thorough, patient, answered all my questions and was extremely helpful is making sure I got the hearing aids that best fit my needs. The staff at Freedom Hearing was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. My new hearing aids are fantastic. What a dramatic improvement over my old ones. I am very pleased with the care I received from Freedom Hearing and would highly recommend them to anyone having a hearing problem.

Debbie and John C.

Awesome from the moment we walked through the door! Amy greeting us and providing support, thank you. And Rebecca evaluating and fitting and helping understand the entire process. And your just down the road for help and support. Thank you.

Bob G.

Dear Dr. Jahed,
My name is Bob G. I had an appointment at your Waldorf location on Dec 26. We were referred by Dr. Pai from MedStar. I am suffering from attacks of vertigo.

I wanted to take the time to share with you the wonderful experience I had. It all started when I called to ask for an appointment. We were greeted by a caring voice on the phone. From the tone in the lady’s voice, I knew I would be in good hands. Walking in on the 26th, I received a warm welcome.

What can I say about Dr. Becky Guy???
She has the heart and soul of a Care Giver. Her voice is soft and reassuring. We have never had a Balance Test. Apprehensive is what I was feeling. Dr. Guy explained in detail every step, every move. She put me at ease immediately. Dr. Guy also went out of her way to explain to me what was wrong with my earring and the steps I should take. What I received on Dec 26, was “The way it used to be”. Not the hurry up, time is money service you get in today’s world.

Thank you and your staff for all you do……

Joyce M.

I was referred to Freedom Hearing Center by my primary physician after I complained about my hearing loss. It seemed like everyone around me was mumbling and I was missing parts of conversations. Also I kept the TV and car radio turned up so loud I am sure my dog was looking for ear plugs. Rebecca, the audiologist, tested my hearing and suggested hearing aids. I was not too keen on the idea because I did not think I would wear them. Boy, was I surprised. I put them in the first day they came and kept them in all the time except when sleeping. I now hear the phone, the TV and radio, and conversations and no longer say “Huh?” when people are talking. I now have a happy dog. Thank you Rebecca, you rock!

Kyle M.

My numerous visits with Rebecca Jahed at Freedom Hearing Center were nothing short of amazing. She went above and beyond to help me get new hearing aids. I feel very blessed to have had the phenomenal experience and care she provided. I will never forget her bright smile and kind eyes for as long as I live. She is a true Good Samaritan and one of the best human beings who whole heartedly, with soul and spirit, wants to help the hearing community. Thanks so much for everything, Rebecca.

Gerri I.

Rebecca goes out of her way to accommodate her customers, and is willing to take late appointments if necessary. One feels very comfortable with her as she wants to try whatever works for you. She works very hard and in her gentle way will tell you the extent of your hearing loss and you can trust what she says.

Thomas M.

Dr. Rebecca Jahed is the third professional I have dealt with, as I have purchased my second hearing aid set from her. Her knowledge of the product and her qualifications are unbeatable! After listening to my issues, she tested, measured and explained in friendly terms the product that would satisfy all my points! Her nurturing conduct and bubbling personality immediately put me at ease. She fitted and tweaked the final product to her satisfaction and then let me experiment with them. I found the Unitron TPRO to be extremely simple to use and, adjusted properly, gave me unparalleled and superior performance as compared to other units I had evaluated. I also found that the feature of rechargeable batteries eliminated the dead battery issue. Finally, her communication skills were excellent as she would provide a timely reply to my email, so I rarely had to drive to her office! I would rate her an 11 on a scale of 1-10!!

Steve S.

Over the course of visiting several audiologists in the area, my original impression of purchasing hearing aids was that it was like buying a used car – no matter how you went about it once you left the lot you felt used. A friend recommended Freedom Hearing Center and I prepared myself once again to feel “used”. NOT at the Freedom Hearing Center. From the moment I walked in the staff was professional and extremely friendly. The business was very accommodating to work with my schedule (which is pretty busy). They were concerned more about getting me the help I needed over how much money I had to spend. They matched me to the perfect product and even gave me the opportunity to meet with the hearing aid company representative. Freedom Hearing Center has opened a new world to me, trust in their professional staff and honesty in pricing. Simply a pleasure to deal with.

Mike M.

My hearing had been gradually diminishing due to my exposure to loud aircraft engine noises over my 33 years active duty in the U.S. Navy.  From the moment I arrived at the Freedom Hearing Center and was checked in by the promptness of Rebecca Jahed (Doctor of Audiology), I felt completely taken care of and heard. Rebecca took me through the hearing test and then sat with me and clearly explained what was going on, what frequencies I was having difficulty hearing and what situations might be problematic for me at this time.  Rebecca showed me the amazing advances in miniaturization and sophistication in hearing aids. My concerns were completely assuaged. In addition, Rebecca patiently answered all of my questions, explained my options and costs I would incur. Nothing hidden. No surprises. I highly recommend Freedom Hearing Center to anyone who has any concerns about their hearing.

John G.

My son and I are avid shooters. I went to Freedom Hearing because normal ear protection didn’t allow my son and I to communicate without taking the device on and off. Dr Jahed listened to my needs and recommended a ear mold that blocks out the sound of gun fire but allows us to communicate in a normal voice. I strongly recommend Freedom Hearing and Dr. Jahed because of their expertise and family style environment.

Doris J.

I can’t even start to say how much I love Dr.Rebecca Jahed!!!! I have been coming to her for six years and now feel like one of the family. From the first time I met her, I just KNEW that she was going to take care of me. She is very knowable with my hearing problems! NOT once did she try and sell me overpriced, top of the line hearing aids, but what was affordable to me. Her office is clean and very relaxing atmosphere and her staff is wonderful too! Also, when I am having an issue / question or just need my hearing aids properly serviced I can get an appointment right away. If Dr.Jahed is not available her other doctor ,Dr.Diaz or their assistance ( Doralynn ), will be there to help anyway she can. I am very pleased and satisfied with Freedom Hearing Center. I recommend Anyone with a hearing problem to make an appointment with ANY staff member @ Freedom Hearing Center!!!

Carla G.

Good news, expert help is available in Prince Frederick for anyone with hearing loss. Tom and I have known Rebecca Jahed for more than five years. Rebecca’s compassion and expertise has allowed Tom to function in a hearing world and to avoid the isolation silence. Rebecca and Freedom Hearing are a true blessing. You can rest assured a call to Freedom Hearing will open new doors in your life.

Richard C.

I first dealt with Dr. Rebecca Jahed of Freedom Hearing in 2007 when she worked for a different provider and was impressed enough with her professionalism and the personal care she provided in helping me select my first decent hearing aids that I did not hesitate to look her up again when it was time to upgrade in the Fall of 2017. She provided sample aids to try and solid advice regarding features to look for and I selected a hearing aid that was a quantum leap forward in my ability to hear and converse with people more effectively. She was untiring in ensuring that I was completely satisfied with my new hearing aids and ensured that they were adjusted properly for my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Freedom Hearing to anyone requiring their services and would especially recommend Dr. Jahed as the audiologist to help them fulfill their needs. 5/2/2018, R.A.C., St. Mary’s City, MD

Linda S.

We have been going to Freedom Hearing for three years now since my husband was diagnosised with Meniere’s disease. Rebecca Jahed was referred to us by a friend and we could’t be more grateful for the referral. She has always been so helpful and worked with us to help my husband get the most from his hearing aids. If there is a problem she works to help us solve it. And recently with the new offices and additions to Freedom Hearing Staff it has been our experience that they too give their all to assist their patients.

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