Hearing Consultations

At Freedom Hearing Center, we’re pleased to work with ALL major hearing device manufacturers, so the options you have available to you are nearly limitless. Since hearing impairment affects everyone differently, we make it our goal to consider your lifestyle, budget, and priorities when it comes to your hearing aids. Many of today’s devices include rechargeable batteries, direct to smartphone options, and can be discreet using invisible completely in-the-canal hearing aids.

After a hearing consultation, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • Which types of hearing aids might work for you
  • What you can expect from your new devices
  • How to insert and remove them correctly
  • How to clean your hearing aids
  • Regular care and maintenance needs

With a proper consultation and understanding of their devices, many patients learn to adjust to their new hearing aids quickly. The sounds should be clear, comfortable, and pleasant. Adjusting to your new way of hearing can take some time, so keep in mind that we are here to support you throughout the process.


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