Better hearing starts here.
Better hearing starts here.
Better hearing starts here.
Better hearing starts here.
Better hearing starts here.

Welcome to Freedom Hearing Center!

A patient-focused, purpose-driven audiology practice in Southern Maryland. Trusted by area physicians and loved by locals.

The mission at Freedom Hearing Center LLC is to provide thorough diagnostic testing, proper counseling and education, and excellent customer service.  Patient care is a top priority and everyone, regardless of age, economic status, ethnicity, or gender deserves to be treated with respect and kindness.


Equally important is giving back locally and globally.  In addition to mission trips to Guatemala, Freedom Hearing Center has donated hearing aids to those in need within our community and abroad.  By establishing The Charlie Bucy Project, we will continue to give the gift of better hearing locally for years to come.

With five convenient locations serving individuals in Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s, and Prince George’s Counties, the staff of Freedom Hearing Center is available for those who are looking for hearing solutions to improve their quality of life.  Life involves listening and you deserve to hear all of it.

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Rebecca goes out of her way to accommodate her customers, and is willing to take late appointments if necessary. One feels very comfortable with her as she wants to try whatever works for you. She works very hard and in her gentle way will tell you the extent of your hearing loss and you can trust what she says.
Gerri I
I was referred to Freedom Hearing Center by my primary physician after I complained about my hearing loss. It seemed like everyone around me was mumbling and I was missing parts of conversations. Also I kept the tv and car radio turned up so loud I am sure my dog was looking for ear plugs.

Rebecca, the audiologist, tested my hearing and suggested hearing aids. I was not too keen on the idea because I did not think I would wear them. Boy. was I surprised. I put them in the first day they came and keep them in all the time except when sleeping..

I now hear the phone, the tv and radio, conversations and no longer say Huh when people are talking. I now have a happy dog. Thank you Rebecca, you rock!
Joyce M
Over the course of visiting several audiologists in the area, My original impression of purchasing hearing aids was that it was like buying a used car – no matter how you went about it once you left the lot you felt used. A friend recommenced Freedom Hearing Center and I prepared myself once again to feel “used”.

NOT at the Freedom Hearing Center. From the moment I walked in the staff was professional and extremely friendly. The business was very accommodating to work with my schedule (which is pretty busy). They were concerned more about getting me the help I needed over how much money I had to spend. They matched me to the perfect product and even gave me the opportunity to meet with the hearing aid company representative.

Freedom Hearing Center has opened a new world to me, trust in their professional staff and honesty in pricing. Simply a pleasure to deal with.
Steve S

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