Charlie Bucy Project – FAQ’s

How does the Charlie Bucy Project Work?

  • Entry forms and drop boxes are located in each of our 5 clinics.
  • Fill out a physical entry form and drop in one of the collection boxes.
  • The first Monday of May and November all forms will be collected.
  • Hearing aid recipient will be contacted and set up with an appointment in one of our clinics based on availability.

Are there any restrictions?

  • Recipient must have an aidable hearing loss.
  • There are no restrictions based on age, income, race, or economic status.  The Charlie Bucy Project is available to anyone with an aidable hearing loss.

What happens if the first recipient doesn’t have an aidable hearing loss?

  • We will go back to the entry forms and select another recipient.

What is included if I win?

  • The winner will receive 1 or 2 hearing aids, depending on their specific hearing needs. One year of follow-up services will be included after the fitting.

Can I enter online?

  • The best way to enter is in person at one of our 5 clinics.  Please be sure to check office hours at each location prior to your visit.  If you cannot visit one of our offices or if you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call 443-295-7100.

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