The Charlie Bucy Project

Dr. Rebecca Jahed with the faith and encouragement of her amazing patient Charlie Bucy, founded Freedom Hearing Center LLC in 2014. Since beginning the practice with one audiologist in one clinic, Freedom Hearing Center LLC has grown to include 5 clinics and a staff of 12. Dr. Jahed believes strongly in providing a superior level of patient care and she believes in giving back to the communities in which we serve.

One of the ways that we give back, is through The Charlie Bucy Project, which came about after we held an essay contest in 2019. Our idea was to select one recipient to receive new devices, based on how new devices would change their lives. We received 6 entries for this contest, and while each story was unique, they were all similar in the fact that every single one of them needed and deserved to hear better. We were so moved by each story, that we worked with our manufacturers and found a way to help all six!

After that contest, we decided that we wanted to continue this mission, but would make it a lottery system in which anyone could enter, and an essay is not required. The only requirement to win, is that the recipient must have an aidable hearing loss. We began collecting names in January 2020, and Mr. Bucy has selected a winner each May and November since beginning the project.

Dr. Jahed and the staff of Freedom Hearing Center are eternally grateful for Mr. Bucy and look forward to giving the gift of better hearing in his name. Thank you Mr. Bucy!  You are one of a kind!

For information on how to enter your name for the hearing aid give away, click here.

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