The Charlie Bucy Project

Dr. Rebecca Jahed with the faith and encouragement of her patient Charlie Bucy, founded Freedom Hearing Center LLC in 2014.  Since beginning the practice with one audiologist in one clinic, Freedom Hearing Center LLC has grown to include 5 clinics and a staff of 8.  Dr. Jahed believes strongly in providing a superior level of patient care and she believes in giving back to the communities in which we serve.

Beginning in January 2020, we will begin The Charlie Bucy Project.  Freedom Hearing Center LLC will put a percentage of sales into a separate fund that will allow us to give one person a new set of hearing aids twice a year in May and November.  Included with the hearing aids will be a year of follow-up services for the recipient.

Dr. Jahed and the staff of Freedom Hearing Center are eternally grateful for Mr. Bucy and look forward to giving the gift of better hearing in his name. Thank you Mr. Bucy!  You are one of a kind!

For information on how to enter your name for the hearing aid give away, click here.

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