Why not just buy hearing aids from Costco?

Hearing health is a huge market with numerous options and working your way through the process of hearing testing to hearing aids can be quite confusing.  While it can be tempting to go cheaper on your hearing aids by going to Costco, most of the time you get what you pay for.  We provide treatment plans that may include devices, Costco is a big box store that buys in bulk and focuses on volume. 

Why choose Freedom Hearing Center for hearing healthcare?

Hearing aids are just part of what you receive from Freedom Hearing Center. As a practice that employs Doctors of Audiology, we provide everything you need from a full diagnostic hearing test to personalized recommendations and programming to ongoing maintenance and care of your devices.  We are a patient focused practice that is dedicated to helping people with hearing loss and providing treatment plans, not just selling hearing aids.  We pride ourselves in developing lasting relationships with our patients so that we can be there to assist them throughout their hearing healthcare journey. 

Hearing loss is incredibly complicated.  An audiologist not only provides diagnostic hearing testing that shows the exact degree of hearing loss, they are also highly educated and can interpret the data so that each patient receives the best possible outcome for their unique needs.  In addition to hearing loss, an audiologist takes into consideration other complicated factors like tinnitus, neurological issues, and other physical ailments. While a basic hearing test from Costco can tell you if you have a hearing loss, diagnostic testing shows if there are any other medical issues requiring a referral to an Otolaryngologist.  Freedom Hearing Center has partnered with many local physicians to collaborate and provide continuity of care for our patients.

Freedom Hearing Center has access to all of the top medical manufacturers when it comes to selecting a device that is best suited for our patients.  Costco works with three manufacturers.  Not only is the selection limited at Costco, their devices are usually locked.  A locked device means that you cannot bring your device to your local audiologist for assistance.  Patients must return to Costco for all follow up care.  While this may not seem like a big deal, it can be if you move or become displeased with your Costco provider.  Also keep in mind, you must pay an annual fee to continue to see your provider at Costco!

Long story short, we may not be the cheapest, but we are proud to offer a professional audiological experience and excellent patient care.  We work with together with local physicians and our patients to provide the best possible treatment plan for each individual patient.  If you have any questions regarding the devices or services provided by Freedom Hearing Center, please give our office a call at 443-295-7100. 

What do you get with Freedom Hearing Center vs. Costco: