Who We Are

The Doctors of Audiology at Freedom Hearing Center are experts in their profession. Each professional has extensive knowledge in hearing testing and treatment options with a variety of manufacturers. In addition to hearing testing and treatment options, we offer assistance with hearing conservation, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), vestibular (balance) disorders, hyperacusis (intolerance to loud sounds) and Cochlear Implant evaluations/mapping.

By choosing an audiologist for your hearing healthcare needs, you are choosing a professional that is uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat disorders of the auditory and balance system for patients of all ages. By virtue of their educational background (which involves an average of eight years of education plus clinical training) an audiologist is the most qualified professional to trust with your hearing healthcare needs.

Freedom Hearing Center is a locally owned private practice that believes excellent customer service and personalized patient care are of utmost importance. We pride ourselves in giving back to the communities in which we practice through participating in free community hearing screenings at local health fairs and have created The Charlie Bucy Project in which we donate one or two hearing aids to a community member twice a year to celebrate the gift of better hearing. We also proudly support those that serve and provide select discounts to active duty and retired members of the military.

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