Realistic Expectations with Bluetooth Connectivity and Hearing Aids

In a perfect world your Bluetooth compatible hearing aids would never have connectivity issues.  The reality is that every time cell phone manufacturers push a software update, there is the potential for your hearing aids to have issues with connectivity.  With every software update, hearing aid manufacturers must scramble to make sure your devices remain compatible with your Bluetooth device. 

What does this mean? 

  1. Connectivity glitches do not indicate that your hearing aids are not working.  It means there is an issue with the software that connects your Bluetooth device to your hearing aids.
  2. It is a very rare occurrence for the devices to have a physical issue like a faulty antennae causing Bluetooth connectivity problems.    

What can you do?

  1. Be patient when cell phone manufacturers push software updates.  You may have to disconnect and reconnect your devices when they do.  For instructions on how to unpair and pair your devices, click HERE.
  2. Understand that Bluetooth technology has glitches and that all of the other features of your hearing devices are still working even if/when Bluetooth is not working.   
  3. Remember that your hearing devices are meant to help you hear better.  When Bluetooth connectivity is working, you have added benefits that come with your devices like streaming music or listening to phone calls via your hearing aids. 

Manufacturer Support for Connectivity Issues

Oticon – 855-400-9766

Phonak – 800-679-4871

Resound – 888-735-4327

Signia – 800-350-6093

Starkey – 800-721-3573

Widex – 844-497-8844