Coming Soon: The Charlie Bucy Project!

Coming Soon: The Charlie Bucy Project!

With the greatest appreciation, Freedom Hearing Center LLC hereby thanks long time patient and dear friend Charlie Bucy for his loyalty, faith, and encouragement.  Mr. Bucy is a large part of the reason that Freedom Hearing Center exists, as he was a driving force that stood behind Dr. Jahed and encouraged her to open her own practice.  From one audiologist in one office in 2014, Freedom Hearing Center has grown to include 8 employees and 5 offices serving four counties in five years.  Freedom Hearing Center is patient focused, community oriented, and strives to give back to the community when possible.

Our mission at Freedom Hearing Center LLC is to provide thorough diagnostic testing, proper counseling and education, and excellent customer service. We believe that patient care is a top priority and that everyone, regardless of age, economic status, ethnicity, or gender deserves to be treated with respect and kindness.

Freedom Hearing Center LLC’s vision is to be the premier audiology practice in Southern Maryland by maintaining integrity, passion, and purpose.
* We will be patient focused
* We will stay apprised of advancements in technology and be leaders in our field
* We will give back to the communities in which we serve
* We will work closely with local physicians in order to provide continuity of care
* We will be respectful, conscientious, dependable, and fair

To keep with our mission and vision, we will give back to the community and honor the faithful Mr. Bucy through “The Charlie Bucy Project.”  This project will provide the gift of better hearing to one individual* twice a year in May and November.  Entries must be made in person at one of our 5 clinics.  Anyone can submit their name and winners will be drawn randomly.  The first recipient will be drawn in May 2020, and we will begin accepting entries January 6, 2020.

*In order to receive the hearing aids, the recipient must have an aidable hearing loss.