Real Ear Measures (REM)

What are Real Ear Measures (REM)?

REM is considered a “gold standard” in fitting hearing devices.  It is a verification/validation process where an audiologist places a fine probe microphone into the ear canal to measure the sound at the eardrum. These measures include the response of the ear canal acoustics and the hearing aid, and helps the audiologist adjust hearing devices to fit the specific loss of each individual patient.  

Why is it an important part of the fitting process?

As unique as each of our patients’ personalities, hearing loss, ear shape, and ear canal acoustics vary dramatically across our patient base, and therefore cannot be treated in the same manner.  In addition, there are several different manufacturers of hearing devices, and each manufacturer has a different approach to treating hearing loss (the mechanics inside), as well as different styles and levels of technology to choose from.  

By implementing REM as part of our hearing aid fitting process, we will be better suited to overcome all of these differences by measuring the actual sound being delivered at the eardrum.  This process will help ensure that a programmed hearing device provides the correct level of amplification at each frequency, in order to provide the best possible hearing improvement.  

If you have any questions regarding REM, your hearing devices, or your programming options, please call 443-295-7100 and schedule a visit with your audiologist to discuss your needs or send your questions in an email to [email protected]