What to Expect at Your First Visit

Potomac River

At Freedom Hearing Center, we conduct our initial hearing assessment with a straightforward four-step process. Through a combination of state-of-the-art hearing tests and a thorough interview, we’re experts at understanding how your hearing loss affects you and creating solutions that meet your specific needs. Making sure you are satisfied is our highest priority.

Our hearing evaluation begins with a complete review of any symptoms of hearing loss you might have and how they impact your day to day life. We will also review your medical history and specific hearing needs to get a better idea of what’s important to you.

The physical examination of your ears begins with using a magnifying instrument called an otoscope to inspect your outer ear. Visually examining your ear helps us determine if the hearing difficulty you’re experiencing is caused by an obstruction or damage to the sensitive structure of the ear canal.


Next, we will perform a complete battery of audiometric tests to identify the thresholds of sound you are able to hear. Using a specialized pair of headphones, we will test your ability to hear various pitches and volumes of sound, as well as spoken words. These tests will also simulate real-life environments to test your hearing ability amidst varying levels of background noise.

If we detect hearing loss, we will review the areas of your daily life in which you might benefit from the use of hearing aids. Our audiologists are experts at helping you determine what solutions might be best for your budget and lifestyle.

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