Tips For Your Hearing Aid Purchase

Tips For Your Hearing Aid Purchase

Being informed about a major investment is very important.  Just as you would ask questions before buying a new car, there are questions you should ask before buying hearing aids.

Important questions to ask:

  1. Who is your provider – are you seeing an Audiologist or Hearing Aid Dispenser? Look at the credentials listed after their name if you are not sure.
    • Audiologist =Au.D
    • Hearing Aid Dispenser=HIS
  2. Are there any services included in the price of the hearing aid(s)? For example, will you be charged for any programming adjustments?
  3. What is the repair warranty? If so, how long? Can the repair warranty from the manufacturer be extended?
  4. Is there Loss and Damage coverage? If so, what is the policy and is there a deductible? Can the loss and damage coverage be extended?
  5. How long is the trial period?
  6. Is there a restocking fee applied or a certain percentage withheld if the hearing aid(s) are returned within the trial period?
  7. What hearing aid manufacturers do they work with/dispense?
  8. What are the differences in technology levels?
  9. Are there hearing aid(s) compatible with assistive listening devices?
  10. Do you have a hearing aid benefit through your insurance? If so, is the facility you are planning on purchasing hearing aids from take your insurance?

When you schedule time with your audiologist to discuss your hearing needs, you should also bring a family member or friend with you.  There are a few good reasons to do this:

  1. Having a familiar voice during a hearing aid demonstration helps you truly hear the difference the hearing aid can make.
  2. It’s a major financial decision, so it’s better to have someone there to help make the decision to invest.
  3. There’s a great deal of information to cover.  Having a second set of ears available to listen and understand your hearing loss and the benefits of the different levels of technology is very important.

Do you have any other questions regarding a hearing aid purchase?  Schedule a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your questions and concerns.  We work with most major manufacturers of hearing aids giving us the ability to match your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget with the right hearing aid technology.