Meet our Second Charlie Bucy Project Winner Mr. Garraway!

Mr. Garraway is a long time patient of Dr. Jahed’s, and has been with her as a patient since before Freedom Hearing Center was even a dream. He is a very kind gentleman and many times, he brings fresh vegetables to share when he visits. Dr. Jahed always looks forward to seeing him!

Mr. Garraway was in need of new hearing aids. At one of his visits over the last few months, his wife entered him into our Charlie Bucy Project hoping he would win new hearing aids. Imagine her surprise when we called her last week to share the news! Mrs. Garraway decided to keep it a secret and schedule a regular maintenance appointment for him on October 2nd. When Mr. Garraway came in, Dr. Jahed sat with him to talk about his hearing loss and said they going to discuss new technology that would be more appropriate for his hearing loss. Dr. Jahed then let him know that he would not have to pay for the new devices! Mr. Garraway was absolutely thrilled to hear the news!

Mr. Garraway will be fit with new devices in two weeks, as the product he is being fit with requires some customization. We will continue this story in two weeks with how he feels with his new devices once he has been fit!

It is always such a pleasure to spend time with our patients. It is an added bonus that we get to help people hear! Congratulations Mr. Garraway!