After Your Visit

Potomac River

If a trial period with digital hearing technology is decided, we will conduct a thorough consultation where we review the type of hearing devices that will best meet your needs. Learning to use hearing aids can take a bit of time, and at Freedom Hearing Center we want to do everything possible to set you up for success. At your fitting/orientation we will take our time and adjust them based on your particular needs and lifestyle.

We recommend a follow-up visit roughly two to three weeks after your initial fitting, as it provides us with the ability to make any changes to your devices after you’ve had a chance to use them in your day to day life. Regular follow-up care is important, and we are always here for you should you have questions or concerns down the road.


Freedom Hearing Center wants you to be completely satisfied with your experience, and since we think of each patient as unique and special, we will do whatever we can to make sure your life is enhanced through your ability to hear!

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