Charlie Bucy Project

Have you heard about The Charlie Bucy Project? Starting in January of this year, Freedom Hearing Center began The Charlie Bucy Project. This project came about as a result of a hearing aid give away that we did for Better Hearing Month in 2019. The idea was to have anyone within our local community write in and tell us how they would benefit from new hearing devices. Our goal was to select one individual to receive new hearing devices with a year of follow-up services. With the assistance of our hearing aid manufacturers, we actually fit 6 people with new devices!

As a company, we strive to give back whenever possible. We know how important it is to hear, and for some, devices are out of reach for one reason or another. After witnessing the joy from each recipient, Dr. Rebecca Jahed decided that Freedom Hearing Center would make this an ongoing project, where we provide free devices twice a year to one person with a hearing loss. The initial goal was to give away one set of hearing aids in May, and another in November this year and each year going forward.

As you know, this year has brought about many challenges, and our offices were closed for several weeks. Because of the closure, we had to postpone our May giveaway. We will however fulfill our goal of selecting two individuals to receive hearing aids, it will just be later this year. Please take a moment and hear how two of our previous recipients feel about their devices.

If you have any questions about the project or would like to know how to enter, please check out the FAQ’s Page by clicking HERE.