Advisory: iOS 15.4 Connectivity Issue

ADVISORY: The latest update from Apple, iOS 15.4, is requiring hearing aids to be re-paired for the Hearing Aid App to work properly.

This issue is tied to the Apple iPhone update, not to the hearing aid(s) themselves. This update has impacted Oticon, Resound, Widex, and Starkey devices.

What is the issue?

With iOS 15.4, a reboot of an iPhone® (powering off and then on) can cause the hearing instruments to lose connection with the manufacturers app. Users will start to experience this after updating to iOS 15.4 since a reboot of the phone is part of the updating procedure. It may also be experienced with any subsequent reboots.

What is the impact?

The connection between the app and the hearing instrument will not be available until the user unpairs and repairs the hearing instruments with the iPhone.

Please be assured that the hearing aid(s) will continue to function and stream normally, and users will still be able to control the hearing instruments through the iPhone’s MFI menu and perform other functions such as streaming and hands‑free communication. Users will not be able to activate the shortcut for the MFI menu (triple click of power or home button), but the MFI menu can still be accessed through the Settings app.

If you are experiencing connectivity issues with your devices, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office at 443-295-7100.